Marking the VE Day 75th Anniversary in Charsfield


Friday 8th May has been designated as a bank holiday to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day. The  Parish Council had planned an event in collaboration with the Village Hall at the Friday Night bar but obviously this will not be possible now.  However don’t despair we can still enjoy ourselves – we would like to invite you to hold a

Social (Distancing) Tea Party Friday 8th May

  • Decorate your house with bunting and flags if you have any – some disposable plastic bunting available from Jan or make your own – see the ideas here.
  • Set up a table and chairs either in your front garden or driveway (must be 2 metres away from your neighbour)
  • Dress up in your glad rags – if you have some 1940’s gear so much the better
  • Make some sandwiches and cakes
  • At 3pm brew a pot of tea – or your favourite tipple and sit down to tea “with” your neighbours.
  • We are hoping to have some music and The Last Post and Reveille at 3pm. Courtesy of Richard Ford and Peter Holloway.

To comply with current rules your tea party should take place within the boundary of your property and participants must all be members of your current household. Unless the PM tells us otherwise on Thursday!