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Charsfield Tennis Club

Did you know there has been a tennis club in Charsfield for over 50 years?

The earliest formal record of The Charsfield Lawn Tennis Club is dated 16 April 1958 although it is known to be in existence long before that date.  The courts, at that time, were sited within the garden of The Rectory and a nominal rent of one shilling (5p) per year was paid. There was consternation when, subsequently, there was a demand for a more realistic sum of £3 per annum! Subscriptions commenced at 15 shillings (75p) for members over 18 years, school children were 5 shillings (25p) and wage earners under 18 were 10 shillings (50p). The groundsman was paid 4 shillings (20p) an hour.

In the 1970s there were over 50 members and numerous social activities were held including dances catering for around 100 guests and whist drives as well as inter-Club matches and knockout tournaments.

The Club continued to use the grass courts under licence until 2003 although by this time maintenance costs had risen considerably. A decision by the church authorities to sell the rectory led to the displacement of the Club and although a sum of money was settled on the Club to assist with replacement facilities it was woefully small in view of present day costs and the Club’s sporting activities were “on hold” until 2008.

By this time the village had successfully obtained land for recreational purposes and the tennis club was able to use its settlement to secure considerable additional funding to build replacement courts. This expenditure of around £68,000 represents a huge investment in the future tennis provision for the village and to keep this facility in good condition it is estimated that around £1,200 per annum needs to be put by to cover future maintenance.  Resurfacing will be required in 12-15 years time.

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