Parish Council Meeting 22 May 2018

                                                       CHARSFIELD PARISH COUNCIL                                                        


Minutes of Meeting Held on Tuesday, 22nd May 2018


Present:          Councillors Pedgrift (Acting Chair), Owen Williams, Murray, Moor, Godwin, Laird and Pam Hembra (Parish Clerk)


Attendees:      3 members of the public and Councillor Robin Vickery


1. To elect a Chair of the Parish Council

Councillor Pedgrift was proposed by Councillor Moor and seconded by Councillor Owen Williams for the position of Chair to the Council.


To receive the Chair’s declaration of acceptance of office


2. To elect a Vice-Chair of the Parish Council

Councillor Moor was proposed by Councillor Pedgrift and seconded by Councillor Murray for the position of Vice Chair to the Council.


To receive Vice Chair’s declaration of acceptance of office


3. To fill any vacancies left unfilled at the election by reason of insufficient nominations/Co-option  

To receive co-opted councillors’ declaration of acceptance of office.  There were no nominations at this time.


4. Clerk to receive Councillors’ declaration of acceptance of office


5. To decide when any declarations of acceptance of office which have not been received as provided by law shall be received


6. Apologies and Approval of Absence  


7. Declarations of Interest  
  Councillor Pedgrift – Recreation Ground

Councillor Moor – Village Hall

Councillor Godwin – Planning Application


8. Approval of Minutes of the Meeting held on 3rd April 2018  
  Minutes were approved and signed by Councillor Pedgrift


9, Progress Reports for Information or Matters Arising  
  Public Space Protection Bills – still waiting for Cabinet to discuss.  A plan is needed for the Churchyard and Councillor Pedgrift has asked the PCC to provide this.  In the meantime the Recreation Ground will proceed.  




10. Points from the public – A chance for the public to raise matters of interest relevant to Charsfield.


The hedge at Shrubbery Farm has been cut although the owners have not accepted responsibility for future maintenance.


Brook Farm is still waiting on Land Registry confirmation.


The Vicarage Garden hedge is still encroaching on the footpath.  Councillor Godwin to approach the owners.


Parking near to the school is still happening on the footpath.  The Head Teacher to mention to the parents again and is also happy to talk to anyone living in the parish who is concerned by this.





11. Reports


11.1 County Council

Councillor Robin Vickery has recently been re-elected to the County Council and presented a comprehensive report which can be found below.




11.2 District Council

Mark Amoss sent his apologies and also sent a report which can be found below.


Tony Fryatt sent his apologies





11.3 Recreation Ground

Charsfest is the next event taking place.




Village Hall

Nothing to report other than income is lower than outgoings this year to date.






  SAVID, SpeedWatch and B1078 Calming Update

Chris Warman offered to speak to the company who produce the same model flashing speed sign as the police use to see if he could get a better price.  The PC have reserves of £2,000 plus £1,000 in grant funding.  Councillor Pedgrift proposed we purchased this and Councillor Murray seconded.


A Sergeant from Woodbridge Police Force is willing to come out and show us where we can site it.  Contact Chris Warman re this.






13. Planning:  
  DC/18/1720/FUL – Erection of single storey porch and one new first floor window – the Parish Council has no objections.


14. Finance

14.1     To authorise payments as listed below:




  Date Detail Ref Power Amount  


Recreation Ground – Charsfest

Charsfield Flower Show



SS 298-303

SS 298-303




14.2     To note receipt of income as listed below:

SCDC 1st Precept Instalment 2018-2019 – £2,375


14.3     On line payments – this involves the Clerk raising the payment and one of the signatory signing off on line.  The Parish Council are happy for these payments to be made instead of cheques.  Proposed by Councillor Moor and seconded by Councillor Godwin.


14.4     End of Year Accounts – Once the Internal Audit Report has been received from the Auditors the Parish Council agreed, providing the Chair and one other Councillor approved the Auditor’s Report, the Chair could sign the Annual Governance Report before the next meeting as this needed to be signed before 2nd July 2018.




15.       Emergency Planning

Councillors Moor, Murray and Godwin are to get together to work on this document.





16. Data Protection

A Privacy Notice is needed for the web site.  The PC no longer needs to find a Data Protection Officer.  The audit has been started.   The Clerk wrote to the DPO at SCDC to ask for the Electoral Register to be on a platform whereby clerks could sign in to the Council’s website and access their ow information.  There would then be no need to keep this information on file.  No reply has been received to date


17. Village Hall Trustees

Still waiting for the Village Hall to have a meeting about this.


18. Charsfield CEVCP School, Stakeholders Consultation

Ian Page, the Head Teacher, was present for the meeting.  He mentioned that there was a link to the consultation on the school website.


The PC wished to know whether, if the school became part of the All Saints Schools Trust, this was completely irreversible?  The Diocese would be asked to support the Trust first in the event of any failure.  The school could not revert to Local Authority control.  The All Saints Schools Trust was growing very quickly and it was felt the Consultation was being driven by the Trustees.  Mr Page said the PC should not be confused with multi trust academy chains which would change the nature of the school.  The PC would like the ASST to put in the safeguards outlined by David Wolfe.  Mr Page believed the school would not exist in the future without the Trust.


The benefits of the Trust are economy of scale at leadership level.  Recruitment and retention would be easier as it is often difficult to recruit to small schools.  Staff will not move around but there would be professional growth opportunities and more security for staff.  There would be enhanced opportunity for the children.


For the PC felt this is unknown territory, especially when considering what may happen in ten years’ time.  There is no safety net in case of a change of Trustees in the future.  This seems a quick decision to make.  Mr Page said there are only four options for Church Schools and the Diocese Trust does not have capacity to take on any more schools.  The School cannot afford to pay a head teacher as it did before.  There would be an executive head over three schools.  This set up would not affect the present relationship with Thomas Mills School.


All finances delegated out to each school are on a per capita budget.  Members of the Trust and Trustees themselves are all unpaid with the CEO the only paid member.  The PC thought there would be scope for local governing bodies to be diluted.  Charsfield School has been looking for local governors for some time.  The model can be changed if there is no local input.


The Parish Council would have preferred further exploration of other options but would be willing to support the scheme on condition that safeguarding measures are written into the terms of reference with a role for the PC in ensuring there is no dilution in the powers of the Local Governing Body which would affect the ethos of the school.  This will be the Parish Council’s submission to the Stakeholders Consultation.


14. Telephone Kiosk

Chris Warman offered to have a word with Derek Spall to see if Spalls would be willing to lift the box so we could have it shot blasted.  Once this has been done it would be easier to paint and replace any glazing panels.  The PC would like to dedicate the kiosk to Councillor Edwin Winkworth once it has been renovated.




15. Date of Next Meetings  

Suggested dates for 2018/2019:


17th July 2018

18th September 2018

20th November 2018

22nd January 2019

19th March 2019


         The meeting closed at 9:25 pm.