Latest from ESC.  Much of this is repeating what I send round earlier but there is additional useful information about disposal of flood damaged items.  Jan


We remain in ‘recovery’ phase, supporting households and businesses impacted by Storm Babet. Thank you for all the support that you are providing for local communities.

Further to our statement yesterday (, our teams are delivering assistance in a range of ways to help anyone who has been affected by what will have been an upsetting and traumatising weekend for many.

The following information provides some specific detail about the work we are now undertaking. We are seeking to ensure that we maintain an officer presence in areas most affected for the next few days, providing reassurance as well information, while people come to terms with what has happened.

We also have a range of useful information online:, which we will continue to keep regularly updated.

A number of homes, primarily in Framlingham and Wickham Market, are currently uninhabitable and our Housing Team are providing support to residents, in person, with officers currently based at the Castle Community Centre (Fram) and the village hall in Wickham Market.

If you are aware of any residents local to you – wherever this may be – who may require help of this nature, please ask them to ring our call centre telephone number 0333 016 2000. Residents of the two aforementioned locations will be advised to meet housing officers in person.

East Suffolk’s Communities Team is also assisting with ‘on the ground’ support and will continue to do so as long as is required.

Cleaning and clearing
East Suffolk Services (ESSL) has been deploying teams throughout the district to support communities whose properties have been affected, providing caged trucks to help dispose of damaged items as well as cleansing and sweeping of sewage and other detritus.

Again, residents are being urged to call 0333 016 2000 where they may require support. Residents will also be asked to ensure that they have checked with their insurance suppliers regarding necessary evidence for claims, prior to any disposal.

Given the intensity of the support required, this means that some services, such as normal bulky waste collections, may be impacted and residents are asked to remain patient.

Economic Development colleagues are supporting businesses which have been affected by the storm. Colleagues have been contacting local business networks to establish need, particularly in Framlingham where a number of businesses have suffered loss and damage. Those affected are asked to email the team:

Economic Development can connect businesses with the appropriate support and are keen to establish how the Council can help support businesses in their recovery from the floods. The team are not able to offer financial support but can provide advice, based on specific need, which will include consideration for available funding support that may exist.

Finally, please do let us know if you are aware of any developing or unresolved issues. As we have said previously, there can be small pockets where people may not feel as well served, which is why we are now stressing the importance of informing us directly as soon as possible – and primarily by using the contact details provided.

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Phil Harris | Strategic Communications & Marketing Manager

Corporate Leadership Team
East Suffolk Council 

07930 154688