Minutes of the Charsfield Parish Council Meeting held in Charsfield Village Hall on Tuesday 17th. April at 7.00p.m.

Those present – Councillors: Mr A Reeve Mr E Winkworth Mr P Holloway
Chairman – Mr E Winkworth

1.0 Apologies – Mr R Wright, Mrs J Pedgrift

2.0 Finance
2.1 Consideration of the Accounts for 2010/11 prior to Internal Audit
Copies of the accounts had been circulated before the meeting. The Clerk took the meeting
through the detail of the accounts and answered questions regarding as to how the two
accounts were managed. The meeting agreed that the accounts were correct and the
Chairman and Responsible Officer signed them. The councillors then discussed Section 2
of the Annual governance statement and were satisfied that all the points raised by the
questions had been answered during the financial year and the Chairman signed the sheet.
2.2 Matters arising from accountancy requirements
Risk Assessment and Standing Orders had been reviewed at a meeting on 6th.March, 2012.
2.3 End of year balances Current Account – £2,929.05 and No.2 Account – 4,139.89 Total –
It was agreed that money in the bank should be used for projects during 2012 as merely
leaving a large balance in the bank was not to the advantage of the parish.

3.0 Accounts to be paid
3.1 Village Hall insurance (consideration of valuation)
Mr Holloway agreed to approach Stead and Simpson to obtain a current valuation for the
village hall after which the question of insurance would be re considered.
3.2 SALC Membership It was agreed that the Council continued membership of SALC.

4.0 Planning
C12/0642 – 4 Park Lane. Erection of rear conservatory.
There were no objections to this application
Meeting closed 7.45p.m.