Minutes of the Charsfield Parish Council Meeting held in Charsfield Village Hall on  Tuesday 5th. March, 2013 at 7.00p.m.

Those present

Councillors:       Mrs D Murray      Mr E Winkworth      Mrs F Moor        Mr R Wright

County Councillor        Mr P Bellfield

Chairman – Mr E Winkworth

In attendance – Mr R E Osborne, Clerk to Parish Council       2 members of the public

1.0    Informal discussion during which any member of the Parish may address the Parish Council 0n Matters relating to Charsfield. The Parish Council meeting will commence after this item.

1.1    The question of the new sand bin was discussed. The Clerk explained due to difficulties with the chosen supplier problems arose in supplying the item, a new order will now be issued to an alternative supplier.

2.0    Councillors Declaration of Interests

2.1    None

3.0    Apologies

3.1    Councillors        Mrs J Pedgrift  Mr P Holloway  Mr A Reeve

PCSO 3034 C.Hassler

4.0    To confirm the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 8th. January, 2013

4.1    The minutes of the Parish  Council Meetings, having been circulated before this meeting, were taken as read and declared true copies. The Chairman signed the minute book.

5.0    Matters arising from the minutes.

5.1    Sand bin – Matter covered under Agenda 1.0

5.2    Road sign – Local resident had offered a sum of money to aid in the signs restoration and a quote is now being sought from a local blacksmith for the remedial work. The Highway Department have stated that they are willing to remove the sign and take it to a place of repair and then collect it and re erect at no cost to the Council.

5.3    Clerk Vacancy – This had been advertised with a closure date of 28 February. There had been one application from Mr Martin Sims who lives in Kettleburgh. He is at present Clerk to Kettleburgh and Hacheston Parish Councils. Chairman would arrange an interview date and contact other councillors to form an interview panel.

5.4    Hall car park repair – Car Park – Four companies had been approached for quotations but only two had replied, the lower quote was for £6,360 inc. VAT. With only £4545 available in the No.2 Account this work cannot be financed.

Discussion took place where a number of matters were raised. First the bottle bank which takes up parking space and the heavy lorries used to service it cause surface damage. It was agreed that the future of the bank be seriously considered at the next Council meeting.

Next the matter of the surface, the Village Hall Committee be asked to provide a marked plan showing the most important areas of the car park, such as the entrance, which would benefit from a new surface, the Clerk then would ask again for quotes on these reduced areas.

6.0    Police Community Officer report.

6.1    There have been two recorded crimes since the last Council meeting. 1 – Theft from a motor vehicle and 2, Interference with a motor vehicle.

Also again reminded people about the catalytic converter thefts and keeping a check on heating oil as there have been thefts.

7.0    Report from County Councillor

7.1    Reported that no County Council tax rises this year and if the control of SCC remains with the Conservatives in the forthcoming local elections they would continue to keep no increase in council tax.

School re organisation continues with the completion of a two stage education system across Suffolk. This matter raised a discussion on the current failure of primary schools in Suffolk who were in the bottom of the countries schools tables. It was felt that reduction in funding to the local Education Department could be partly to blame.

One success had been the high rate of pupils obtaining their choice of secondary school but the Council noted the problems of primary school children who do not appear to be obtaining the same level of choice.

The proposed merger of the fire services in Cambridge and Suffolk has been abandoned. The discrepancy of the level of funding between the two authorities had proved to be a problem.

Park and Ride sites are under discussion at Wickham Market, Bredfield and Woodbridge.

Balfore Beattie are no longer being considered to take over the maintenance of highways and a new company will take over later this year.

8.0    Report from District Councillor

8.   None

9.0    Finance

9.1     Accounts to be paid

Suffolk ACRE – Hall insurance                        821.24             100421

Anglian Water – Hall                                        141.35             100422

Clerk salary Jan/Mar                                        124.80             100423

Salary tax                                                            31.20             100424

9.2     Accounts paid since the last meeting

Clerk salary Oct/Dec                                        124.80             100418            8/1/13

Clerk salary tax                                       31.20             100419            8/1/13

Clerk expenses 2010/2011                                  26.00             100420            8/1/13

Current Account    £4136.63                 No.2 Account    £4545.27          Total    £8592.89

9.3    National Savings Account

The Chairman had received a statement showing monies belonging to the Council. It was adressed       to a Clerk in position several years ago. The Clerk had checked the accounts and found the original     deposit of £2000 in 1986 and the account was shown in each years accounts up to 1994 when Mr         Hales took on the post of Clerk since when no entries were made in the accounts. The Chairman in         discussion with NSI discovered that this was the first year that NSI had issued a statement to              account holders, previously it had been up to the holders to arrange their holder books to be                    updated. Necessary documentation is now needed to make this money available to the Council and        discussions will be taking place with as many of the previous Clerks to obtain the necessary              information.

9.4    It was agreed as landlords of the Village Hall it was correct to cover the hall’s insurance cost but        was it still necessary to cover the water charges each year.            This matter to be raised again at the       next Council meeting.

All items under Agenda 9.0 Finance were approved by the Parish Council

10.0  Correspondence

10.1  Items circulated via e mail.

Weekly News Digest                                                  SALC information

SCDC information                                                     Boundary Commission

Bus Timetable changes                                                       NALC Bulletins                                           LAIS Documents                                                        Suffolk Coastal Area Meetings

ACRE information

11.0  Alan Pedgrift Memorial Field

11.1  No report received but it was understood that damage had been caused to surfaces due to vehicles being driven on the recreation ground. Clerk to contact PSCO Hassler to inform him of the problem

12.0  Planning

12.1  None

13.0 Highways

13.1  Mr Wright had supplied photographs showing the problem with the road drain outside the Three Horseshoes and at the end of Chapel Lane. These had been forwarded to the Highways Department pointing out the number of times these problems have been previously reported.

13.4  Banks of brook by Mr Reeve and Mrs Moor’s properties are still being damaged by the water however there is still the problem of determining whose responsibility it is for repair. Clerk will discuss this problem again with the Environment Agency and Highway Department.

14.0  Any other matters since notice of meeting.

14.0  Dates of next meeting – Annual Meetings May 7th. 2013.

Meeting closed 8.40p.m.