Parish Council meeting 7 May 2013 minutes

Parish Council meeting 7 May 2013 minutes


Meeting of Charsfield Parish Council

Tuesday 7th May 2013




Present: Cllrs P Holloway, A Reeve, E Winkworth (Chairman), R Wright, the Clerk and 1 member of the public


Minute numbers and Actions
1       Apologies: Cllrs F Moor, D Murray and J Pedgrift, PCSO C Hassler


2       Election of Chairman

Cllr E Winkworth was proposed by Cllr R Wright and seconded by Cllr A Reeve. No other nominations arose, so Cllr Winkworth accepted the post and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


3       Election of Vice-chairman

Cllr J Pedgrift was proposed by Cllr E Winkworth and seconded by Cllr P Holloway. The election was carried but will be ratified in her presence at the next meeting.


4       Appointment of Representatives

All representatives are willing to continue so Cllr P Holloway and Cllr Moor will be representatives on the Village Hall committee and Cllr J Pedgrift will be representative on the Recreation Ground committee.


5       Appointment of New Parish Clerk

Mr Martin Sims was appointed.


6       Minutes of meetings of 5th March 2013 and 23rd April were approved and signed


7       Matters Arising

7.1      Grit Bin

The bin has been delivered to Mr P Kindred and once sited SCC will fill it. Cllr Winkworth will arrange a time with Mr Kindred to level the site and install the bin.


7.2      Village Hall Car Park

Both quotes for the whole car park to be resurfaced, with associated works, were in the region of £7,000 and so the contractors have been asked to quote for two separate patches, one around the entrance and the other where the recycling bins are currently sited. The option of obtaining road planings and having a work party to spread it and using a whack plate to settle it was discussed. The possibility that the lorries emptying the bottle banks were causing damage was mentioned and removal of them will be discussed at the next meeting.


7.3      Bus Service – Charsfield to Wickham Market

A regular service is not considered viable. It may be possible for the Suffolk Link service to be utilised. Clerk to investigate.





















8       Crime Report: From PCSO Christian Hassler

PCSO Hassler sent a report stating that there were no crimes reported in the Parish since our last meeting. Cllr Winkworth stated that there appears to have been a spate of thefts and burglaries.




9       Finance

9.1      Accounts to be paid

Clerk’s salary   £     51.20 100425
Clerk’s tax   £     12.80 100426
SALC Subscription   £   154.00 100427
Clerk’s expenses 2012/13   £     34.60 100428


9.2      Accounts paid since last meeting

ACRE – Hall insurance   £   821.24 100421 5/3/13
Anglian Water   £   141.35 100422 5/3/13
Clerk’s salary Jan/March   £   124.80 100423 5/3/13
Clerk’s tax   £     31.20 100424 5/3/13


9.3      Balance of Accounts as at 7/5/13

Current Account   £    4,643.44
No. 2   £    4,545.27
Total   £    9,188.71


9.4      Flower Show – financial assistance

It was resolved to donate £20 under Section 137.


9.5      Discuss reserve transfer to No. 2 account

It was resolved to transfer £800.


9.6      Village road sign maintenance

Only one contractor has quoted for the work, quoting £250. Clerk to contact parishioner to ask how much they are willing to contribute.


9.7      NSI signatories

The 3 signatories were agreed as Cllrs Pedgrift, Winkworth and Wright. Forms and minutes need to be sent to NSI.


































10    Correspondence

Charsfield correspondence via e mail


Village signpost                           Flower show

Election information                     Rural Opportunities

Flood risks                                  News Digest

Emergency Planning                              Community Action

APPG Information                       Councillor training

Electoral Review                          SALC information

LAIS 1351




11    Alan Pedgrift Memorial Field

No business was raised.


12    Planning

No business was raised.


13    Highways

13.1   Flooding

Mrs Barker, on behalf of the chapel, had requested details of the letter from SCC highways and these have been supplied.

The flooding was discussed in detail and it was resolved to request the chapel resolve the issue of a private drain under the chapel land being a smaller bore than its feed drain. The suggestions of financial assistance for the Chapel doing this work and Highways installing a Silt Trap will be discussed at the next meeting.

Potsford Brook is, according to the Environment Agency, governed locally under riparian rights meaning that adjacent landowners have a duty to keep the watercourse clear and protect their own land from flooding.





14    Any Other Matters of information

Cllr Winkworth said that this evening was a sad & joyful occasion and thanked Bob Osborne for 11 years of organising, guiding and helping the council out of sticky points, presenting him with some retirement gifts. Bob thanked the council, saying that he’d left four councils already, some regretfully and some with a sense of relief but Charsfield is the only one he’ll truly miss as they made him feel part of the village. He felt he must come back to attend one of Cllr Holloway’s presentations and plans to concentrate on his book on the history of Martlesham and do some voluntary work in Ipswich.




15    Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 23rd July 2013 in the Village Hall at 7:30pm.


The meeting closed at 8:30pm



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