Minutes of Meeting Held on Tuesday, 19th January 2016

Present:   Councillors Winkworth, Newman, Hedger,  Owen Williams, Pam Hembra (Parish Clerk)

Attendees:      1 Member of the Public


1. Apologies and Approval of Absence  
  Councillors Pedgrift, Murray, Moor


2. Declarations of Interest  


3. Points from the public – A chance for the public to raise matters of interest relevant to Charsfield


  The developers in Chapel Lane were leaving a lot of mess which is running down Chapel Lane and causing problems especially with the current freezing weather.


Highways had previously been informed about the water but nothing had been done about it. The Parish Council will raise it again with the Highways Department but would also raise it with Development Control at SCDC copying Stephen Bellfield and Stephen Burroughes.


There also appears to be a water outlet draining directly on to the highway from a property in Chapel Lane. To be investigated.








4. Approval of Minutes of the Meeting held on 24th November 2015  
  Minutes were approved and signed by the Chair.


5. Matters Arising  

12.       There is no further update on the telephone box.

13.       The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration – possibly combine with Charsfest and/or have a theme at the Flower Show. Charsfest Committee to be approached.

14.       As Christian Hassler is no longer our CSO we did not receive the yellow vests.

15.       Fido bin – a new bin has been collected from Ufford Depot together with a plastic post and this has now been re-positioned with the aid of a Metpost and some jubilee clips, although this now needs lowering as it is a little high. We also need to check whether it is being emptied.













6. Reports


6.1 County Council

No report was received.


6.2 District Council

No report was received.


6.3 Police  
  Police report dated 19th January was submitted – attached


The mobile police van will be parked at the Village Hall on the following dates between the times of 08:45-10:15 hours:

10th February

2nd March

23rd March


6.4 Recreation Ground  
  No report was received.


7. Speeding


7.1 SAVID Update  
  No report was received


7.2 SpeedWatch Update  
  No report was received.


7.3 B1078 Calming Update  
  Tony Buckingham has responded to our letters. He has just received the latest designs and there is to be a construction order soon.


8. Planning:  
  Two planning applications have been raised since the last meeting:


Planning Application DC/15/4951/FUL – Extension to Myrtle Cottage


Planning Application DC/15/4994/FUL – addition of porch to 8 Southview


The Parish Council had no objection to either of these applications.


The Parish Council also responded to the Appeal which had been made for the refusal of planning permission by Suffolk Coastal District Council for the erection of 2 dwellings on land to the rear of Springfield House, Chapel Lane, setting out their original objections and greatly emphasising others in order to object to the associated Appeal.


9. Finance

Accounts submitted




10. Precept 2016/2017  
  We will, hopefully, have additional expenditure if we get the roundels so felt we should increase the Precept by £200 to £4,169 for the year 2016/2017.


It was suggested that in preparation for our November meeting a Working Group get together with the Clerk to produce a budget for next year.






11. Defibrillator  
  The total for this is now circa £900. The Parish Council will make a contribution to this. It has been suggested the British Heart Foundation might be able to provide a case. The Clerk will contact the BHF.


The Clerk is meeting with the Head of School to discuss if they would be able to contribute/fund raise for this as they had intended purchasing one for the school.







12. Correspondence

12.1     New Audit Scheme

            The Audit Commission ceased to exist on 1st April 2015 and a new company – Smaller Authorities’ Audit Appointments Ltd – has been created to take over the appointment of external auditors and the setting of audit fees for smaller authorities from 2017.   This change allows the Parish Council to opt out of this scheme should they so wish. It was a unanimous decision of Charsfield Parish Council NOT to opt out of the new scheme.


13. Any Other Business  
  13.1     Items sent out to the Village

            The Clerk wished to clarify whether it was in order to send out Planning Applications and other documents to the village when notified of these without referral to the Parish Council in order to save time.


  13.2     Buckingham Place Garden Party Invitation

            Suffolk Councils have been nominated three pairs of invitations to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace on 19th May 2016. The Parish Council agreed Councillor Winkworth be nominated for entry into the draw for this.


  13.3     Risk Assessments

            This item to be added to the Agenda of the next meeting.




14. Date of Next Meetings  

22nd March

10th May – Parish Meeting