Minutes of Meeting Held on Tuesday, 10th May 2016


Present:          Councillors Winkworth Chair), Pedgrift, Moor, Owen Williams, Newman, Pam Hembra (Parish Clerk)


            Attendees:      2 Members of the Public


            Apologies:      Councillors Hedger





1. Update on the Parish Council’s achievements and activity over the year and on what is being proposed for 2015.


Chairman’s Report attached


2. To approve the Annual Parish Minutes of 15th May 2015.

Approval was made of the minutes orally given by the Chair due to problems with the previous clerk.



3. To Receive Reports from Other Organisations.

Village Hall Report attached

Charsfield Recreation Ground Report attached


4. Open Forum for the Public to Raise Questions

It was asked why the ditches were not being cleared as they were causing problems especially in Davey Lane.  Mostly these should be cleared by local land owners.  The Environment Agency are responsible for part of Potsford Brook and Highways for the part that goes under the road.  It was suggested speaking to the local landowner in the first instance.






Charsfield Annual Parish Meeting     10th May 2016


Chairman’s report for the year April 2015 to 2016


The Parish Council elections of May 2015 were uncontested since only six parishioners put their names forward for the position of councillor.


At the inaugural meeting in May 2015 Ed Winkworth was elected Chair and Jan Pedgrift was elected Vice-chair. Since Charsfield Parish Council is allowed seven councillors Sarah Owen-Williams was co-opted onto the council to fill the casual vacancy.


At the end of May the Clerk and Financial Officer to the Parish Council, Sally Loader, resigned. This left the Chair as acting Clerk and Financial Officer for a short period. The vacant position was advertised through SALC and Pamela Hembra was duly appointed to the post of Clerk and Financial Officer.


During the period after the resignation of Sally Loader the council was without a clerk and this was a difficult administrative time for the Parish Council, especially with regards to the Financial Audit for 2014/2015.


However, I am happy to say that I feel the Parish Council is now in a strong position with the appointment of our new Clerk.


There have been six public meetings this year. Additional special meetings involving Accounts and Planning Applications have also been held.


Concern has been expressed by the Parish Council regarding the lack of contact at County (cover for Peter Bellfield) and District Councillor level. Despite repeated efforts we have had no support from or contact with either.


Lack of an Emergency Ambulance Service for Charsfield and the lack of progress with the B1078 Roundels Project have seen the Parish Council attempt to make complaints to the respective bodies. However, it appears that no complaint system is available to the Parish Council against other publically funded bodies, when pursuing incidents affecting Charsfield residents. One to keep following up!


June 2015 saw the inauguration of SAVID, an organisation committed to road safety in our countryside. Charsfield has joined several other local villages in order that joint resources can be organised to protect parishioners on our rural roads. Martin Lyne has represented Charsfield in this venture and we are grateful to him for his work in this respect.


In July 2015 a Speedwatch programme was initiated and the training of parishioners in the use of a “speed-gun” by the police began. However since the police areas were changed and Charsfield was moved from the Leiston/Framlingham police area to the Woodbridge police area there has been a delay in the continuation of this programme. We look forward to some action in this area (Sergeant Scott from Woodbridge has made some welcome soundings!). One to look forward to!

The long-running saga over the introduction of roundels, repeaters and gateways on the B1078 continues to frustrate the Parish Council with delays and apologies from Suffolk County Council. Another one to look forward to!


Highways have however carried out maintenance of pot-holes in the roads and dealt with hazardous tree branches.


The village hall continues to provide excellent indoor facilities for the whole community as a gathering point for social and leisure pursuits. On behalf of the village many thanks are due to the Village Hall committee for running and organising this facility.


Charsfield is the envy of many villages with its provision of first class outdoor leisure and Fun Day facilities at the Alan Pedgrift Memorial Field. Once again I would like to give my thanks, on behalf of the village, to the Alan Pedgrift Memorial Field committee for maintaining and running the recreation ground.


Both the Village Hall and the Alan Pedgrift Memorial Field are financially supported by the Parish Council.


Much work has been done in raising money via grants and donations for the Defibrillator to be sited at the Village Hall. Praise should be given to Councillor Newman for her efforts and success in promoting this project. This is another facility which I hope will be available in the near future.


Thank you to the parishioner who decorated the telephone box at Christmas. The parish Council wishes to purchase the box and will continue to communicate with the District Council and BT to try and resolve this issue.


As stated earlier the Parish Council consists of several new members and they have shown great commitment and dedication over the past year. All have been keen to attend Councillor courses to assist them in their roles on the Parish Council.


Finally I would like to thank

  • all my fellow Councillors for their support of the people of Charsfield and
  • our new clerk for the efficient and effective way in which she has fitted into the post.



E J Winkworth





Chair’s Report 2015


2015 has been a quiet year for work on the rec.

This year saw the cleaning and repairing of the tennis and MUGA which has improved the finish to the facilities.

Grass solutions continue to do a great job maintaining the grass.

The area remains popular and people are often saying what a great facility it is. During the summer months the following events were held

  • Charsfest 2015 went superbly with a record attendance.  We made just over £700 for the recreation ground maintenance fund.  The Recreation Ground Committee would like to thank everyone who turned out on the Friday night Saturday morning and Sunday morning to help us set up and take down – many hands made (fairly) light work.  We are very grateful for all the people who regularly help us but as always a few deserve special mention:  David and Amanda Wolfe for sponsoring the toilets and the new banners and for working tirelessly on the day, Alan Ward and Dawn Champness for supplying the electricity and water teddy catapult motorcycles and duck game. , Martyn Llewellyn and his truck, Andy Wyatt for his “construction” work and his endless patience with the organised games including children’s races and tug of war, Peter Holloway for making the whole day go with a swing, Mark Turner for his fire engine, Martin Lyne for the shooting, John Phillips for the Farlingaye Big Band, Dave Whitley, John Webber and Gerry Smith for the BBQ, the Chapel for tea and cakes, Clare Stace and Georgina Jay for the evening food,  Abi Crane for the disco and Ed Winkworth, who spent the whole afternoon directing traffic!

This year’s Charsfest saw the addition of a Scarecrow competition run by the Charsfield Flower Show.   We were delighted to get thirty really good entries – given its success we hope to be able to make this an annual event.


Next year’s  Charsfest will be on 21st May 2016


  • There was a film night on the rec. A large tv screen was erected and Paddington was a great success!
  • Village barbecues

The children’s play area is always busy and attracts people from other villages as well.

It is a disappointment that Charsfield School still does not use this facility. We would like to encourage the school and clubs to use our facility. One way of achieving this is to build a toilet block in the future.

The problem with dog fouling has got worse and a small minority of people continue to walk their dogs off the lead and allow them to foul. The committee will monitor the situation with a view to banning dogs completely if this continues.

Fundraisers and Grants

Fund raising is essential for the ongoing maintenance of the facility.

We have held a number of fundraising events over the year, the big breakfast, quizzes, a golf day, and we continue our 100 club. Collectively this has generated significant contributions to meet our objectives. Please see treasurers report for details of income generated.

We have joined forces with the school to organise a craft Fayre on 4th December



There have been some developments on the recreation ground over the year:-

  • An ongoing maintenance programme including working parties to mend and treat the picnic benches, prune hedges etc.
  • Replacing the football nets
  • Replenishing of the bark around the picnic tables and children’s play areas.
  • Cutting back the hedges around the barbecue area
  • The removal of the BMX mounds
  • Gerry has joined our committee – welcome aboard


Work over the next 12 months includes:-

  • Resurface the remaining paths
  • Review the future of the recreation committee wrt becoming a sub committee of the Parish Council (still ongoing)
  • Recruit new memb
  • Continuation of a maintenance programme
  • Continuation and review of our fundraising events
  • Continue with pest control
  • Continue to gauge the demand for adult gym equipment and a petanque pitch and if feasible secure a grant for these.

Thank you

I would like to say thank you to:-

  • All the committee members who have worked hard over the year helping with arranging and running fund raising events, and ongoing maintenance at the rec.
  • The Parish Council for their help financially
  • CADs for their kind donation
  • The village for supporting our fundraising events
  • Larry and Val for hosting the quiz nights and golf day
  • Don Turner for cooking the big breakfast
  • The village hall committee for helping with the bar at the Village Hall
  • Andy Wyatt for his help with maintenance
  • Liz Wright for her help with the accounts and her waitressing skills and Lawrence too
  • FROTH for their help with events especially the set up at the Charfest.
  • Sharon and Jerry at the Three Horse Shoes for their support.
  • Jan for her endless enthusiasm and hard work


Jo Wyatt

Chair, Charsfield Recreation Ground

November 2015