Minutes of Meeting Held on Tuesday, 17th January 2017


Present:          Councillors Winkworth (Chair), Owen Williams, Moor, Newman, Hedger and Pedgrift and Pam Hembra (Parish Clerk)





1. Apologies and Approval of Absence  
  Councillor Murray  


2. Declarations of Interest  
  Councillor Pedgrift – Recreation Ground

Councillor Moor – Village Hall


3. Approval of Minutes of the Meeting held on 22nd November 2016  
  Minutes were approved and signed by Councillor Winkworth.


4. Progress Reports for Information or Matters Arising on Minutes of 20th September 2016  
  Hedge on The Street – Suffolk County Council have said the landowner cannot be traced but the hedge and vegetation cutting will be undertaken by Suffolk County Council contractors.  Unfortunately no timescale can be given but should be before the bird nesting seasons begins again in March.  The Chair will give a copy of the letter from SCC to Mr Tweddle.


There was still no answer in relation to the missing or broken road signs in the village the Chair will now write to David Chenery re this.


The Chair will write to Councillor Herring again re the non communication of Councillor Amoss.


Chair to write to Norse re the road signs and the posts for SIDs.


The Chair wrote to Tony Buckingham re putting roundels at top of Church Road.  As there has been no reply to date the Chair will now write to David Chenery.



















5. Points from the public – A chance for the public to raise matters of interest relevant to Charsfield


There were none

6. Reports


6.1 County Council

No report was received





6.2 District Council

No report was received.





6.3 Recreation Ground

Charsfest will be held on 3rd June.  The Recreation Ground Committee have been successful in receiving a grant of £8,000 from the Tesco Bags of Help Scheme for the Fitness for All Project.  Various adult fitness equipment and protective matting is to be purchased.


The Parish Council have purchased a new party tent for Charsfest and other village events.  It was suggested we also give a donation of £100 towards the grass cutting. All agreed.




Village Hall

Work is needed on the hall floor.  There have been great improvements to the hall lighting.  A new sound system with cordless microphones has been purchased.  There had been a leak in the oil tank and new a bunded tank has been purchased at a cost of over £2,000.  The hall was provided as the venue for the Village Christmas Party free of charge.  There is sometimes a problem with manning the bar.


An outside power point is now available underneath the defibrillator should this be needed.




7.1 SAVID, SpeedWatch and B1078 Calming Update  




7.2 Meeting to be Arranged with Suffolk County Council and Councillor Vickery

Graham Hedger will attend on behalf of the Parish Council and Martin Lyne is to be invited as our SAVID representative.  The Clerk will arrange dates.






8. Planning:


  Planning Application DC/16/5118/FUL

Revised Planning Application for Two Storey Extension – Akenfield, Park Lane


Planning Appliction DC/15/2385/OUT New House next to Hawthorn Cottage, Monewden Road


The Parish Council had no objection to either of these applications.


9. Finance


9.1        To authorise payments as listed below:




  Date Detail Ref Power Amount  




Ladywell Accountancy Services

H M Revenues and Customs

P J Hembra

Gala Tent Ltd






LA2011 ss 1-8

LA2011 ss 1-8

LA2011 ss 1-8








9.2        To note receipt of income as listed below:

None this month


The Active Saver Account has been closed and all monies transferred to the current account.







10. Defibrillator Update


The defibrillator has been received and has been installed on to the Village Hall wall.  The relevant paperwork has been returned to CHT and once the Ambulance Service have been informed they will hold the access code number.  Until this time two local telephone numbers are attached to the cover should there be an emergency.


Notices will be placed around the village indicating the whereabouts of the defibrillator.


Training for Charsfield residents has been arranged for Saturday, 11th February at 10:30 am. A notice has been put into the Parish Magazine and Councillor Pedgrift will email to her list.  Should further training be needed this will be at a cost of £175 plus VAT and cost of Village Hall.  Refreshments will be available at the beginning of the training session.












11. Village Notice Board

Alan Ward had provided an estimate for the replacing the oak posts.  Some remedial work is also needed to the board itself so the doors open and close more easily and some rain proofing is needed.  It was felt we should look again at replacing with a new wooden or plastic noticeboard, possibly one that could incorporate the top of the old one.  Some work to make this more secure will be undertaken as soon as possible until a decision is made.  The flowerbed wall needs to be rebuilt.







12. Telephone Kiosk

We are awaiting to see if any one responds to the notice which will appear in the February edition of the Parish Magazine, but have already received two suggestions:


13. Buckingham Palace Garden Party Nomination

The Chair to apply.


14. Correspondence  


15. Date of Next Meetings  
  28th March


The following are meeting dates for the year 2017/2018:


30th May 2017 plus AGM

18th July 2017

19th September 2017

21st November 2017

16th January 2018

20th March 2018


                The meeting closed at 21:05.