Minutes of Meeting Held on Tuesday, 28th March 2017


Present:          Councillors Winkworth (Chair), Owen Williams, Moor, Murray, Hedger and Pedgrift and Pam Hembra (Parish Clerk)


            Attendees:      Councillor Robin Vickery



1. Apologies and Approval of Absence  
  Councillor Newman  


2. Declarations of Interest  
  Councillor Pedgrift – Recreation Ground

Councillor Moor – Village Hall


3. Approval of Minutes of the Meeting held on 17th January 2017  
  Minutes were approved and signed by Councillor Winkworth.


4. Progress Reports for Information or Matters Arising  
  The hedge along The Street has now been cut.  Mr Tweddle reported he does not own the land but apparently it is owned by Richard Kitson.   Clerk to write to Highways to thank them for cutting the hedge, it is now possible for pedestrians to see oncoming traffic, however, concern was expressed regarding the height of some of the dead trees.  In a gale they could easily fall and endanger the public.


We had received a letter from Tony Buckingham (Highways) re siting of a gateway and roundel at top of Church Road from the Hoo direction.  The likely cost of this will be £3,000-£4,000.


Councillor Amoss to be thanked for the contribution of £500 towards defibrillator fund.


Posts for SIDs will be put in by SCDC.   M Lyne is looking for appropriate sites to place these.  There are two second hand SIDs from Snape available for about £1,000 each.













5. Points from the public – A chance for the public to raise matters of interest relevant to Charsfield


A member of the public is willing to cut and edge the pathway along Southview but wishes to know where to leave the turf.  Councillor Pedgrift is to have a word mentioning it is not for us to say but we are happy if he is willing to do this at his own risk.







6. Reports


6.1 County Council

All Highways and County budget has now been allocated.  Now awaiting elections after 4th May for further funding.  Base rate of Council tax will not be raised again.  £10M has been spent on road resurfacing, preventative rather than reactive work.  Hope to resurface another 1,000 miles over the next four years.  GCSEs improving across the County.  Keir have had a six months extension on their contract but the contract will be renegotiated with the new Council.  Clerk to forward a copy of the letter from Tony Buckingham re siting of a gateway and roundel at top of Church Road from the Hoo direction to Councillor Vickery.










6.2 District Council

No report was received.




6.3 Recreation Ground

Adult fitness equipment has been installed although there are some teething problems with two pieces of equipment.  Councillor Pedgrift has been on a land management course for hedgehogs.




Village Hall

Village Hall have been exempted for Council Tax this year.  Performing Rights and Liquor Licence in place.




7.1 SAVID, SpeedWatch and B1078 Calming Update  


Community SpeedWatch has started again for the summer.  It has been noticed that some villages have Countdown Markers before 30 mph signs.  Could we get some of these?  Chair to write to Highways.





7.2 Meeting with Suffolk County Council

Councillor Hedger had circulated a report from his meeting with SCC.  Time was spent on general speeding issues and how to reduce this.  The best chance we have of getting anything done is to constantly lobby our County Councillor and SCC.


Re SIDs we need to wait to see what happens after the equipment has been tested.  Suggested we ask David Chennery if we could have it on a trial basis initially.  In the meantime we hope to share the SAVID one once this has been purchased and the posts installed.


Remind ML to identify the sites.


Re the gates and roundels at the top of Church Road at the Hoo entrance we need to consider how much money we have in the next financial year to prioritise expenses.














8. Planning:


  There were no Planning Applications.


9. Finance


9.1        To authorise payments as listed below:




  Date Detail Ref Power Amount  









Anglian Water

CAS Insurance

Community Heartbeat Trust

Fitzpatrick & Woolmer

Charsfield Recreation Ground

H M Revenues and Customs

P Hembra – services












LA 2011 ss 1-8

LA 2011 ss 1-8


SS 298-303

LA 2011 ss 1-8

LA 2011 ss 1-8










9.2        To note receipt of income as listed below:

Suffolk Coastal District Council (Councillor Amoss)

£500 for Defibrillator Fund







10. Data Protection – Registering with the Information Commissioner’s Office

The Council agreed to be registered with the ICO at a cost of £35 per annum.




11. Defibrillator Update


The training session was well received and well over of 30 people attended.  We were not charged for the Village Hall


Should further training be needed this will be at a cost of £175 plus VAT and cost of Village Hall.


The school to be contacted to ask if they would consider 50:50 costs for the training and pay £80 for children’s pads.  Clerk to contact the head teacher.


Fridge magnets should initially go to people who attended the course.  Chair and Clerk to facilitate this initially.














12. Village Notice Board

A new notice board had been ordered.  This would take about six weeks to come.  Clerk to check to see what colour we have ordered.





13. Telephone Kiosk

We have had two suggestions for a book exchange and one to be like the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.  This was suggested by David Wolfe who was willing to discuss/develop the organisation of this.  Clerk to contact.


Clerk to check the paint required.  Some of the panes may need to be replaced.








14. Correspondence  


15. Date of Next Meetings  
  30th May 2017 plus AGM and Parish Meeting


The following are meeting dates for the year 2017/2018:


18th July 2017

19th September 2017

21st November 2017

16th January 2018

20th March 2018


                The meeting closed at 21:40 pm