CHARSFIELD PARISH COUNCIL                                                        


Minutes of Meeting Held on Tuesday, 3rd April 2018


Present:          Councillors Pedgrift (Acting Chair), Owen Williams, Murray, Hedger and Pam Hembra (Parish Clerk)


1. Apologies and Approval of Absence  
  Councillors Godwin, Owen Williams and Moor  


2. Declarations of Interest  
  Councillor Pedgrift – Recreation Ground


3. Approval of Minutes of the Meeting held on 23rd January 2018  
  Minutes were approved and signed by Councillor Pedgrift with one amendment.


4. Progress Reports for Information or Matters Arising  
  The Public Space Protection Bill did not get through.  The Parish Council and the Recreation Ground made a specific request to the Council for individual PSPOs requiring dogs to be kept on leads on the recreation ground and in the churchyard.  Nothing more has been heard to date.  Check after the latest Cabinet Meeting.






5. Points from the public – A chance for the public to raise matters of interest relevant to Charsfield.


There are three on going hedge problems.  Shrubbery Farm – the owner believes the kerb side of the hedge does not belong to farm but will verify the position with SCC but is willing to cut the hedge.


Re hedge at the other end of The Street, Clerk will visit to see if ownership of the land has now been sorted out.


Old Rectory – Councillor Pedgrift to re-send original email





6. Reports


6.1 County Council

Councillor Vickery sent his apologies.




6.2 District Council

Mark Amoss made contact at the end of February and we have been given a grant of £1,000 towards the B1078 Speeding Project out of his 2017/18 budget.

Tony Fryatt sent his apologies





6.3 Recreation Ground

A working party will be laying bark in the play area on 21st and 22nd April.




Village Hall

After discussion with a member of the Management Committee of the hall the outside camera is on hold at the moment.






  SAVID, SpeedWatch and B1078 Calming Update


There are two routes forward to purchase a flashing speed sign:


1.     Fully mobile sign mounted on a tripod which could be positioned anywhere – the police use these devices which just display the speed of the approaching vehicle.  They do not record any data.  There are in the region of £2,800.  There are six possible locations in the village where we could use these randomly.


2.     Permanently sited sign attached to poles which Highways will have installed.  There are not many places in the village where this could be safely permanently displayed.  These do record data.


The details of most recent police tracking are now available. The Village SpeedWatch Team also give data during the summer months to the police so there is no requirement to record more data.  When the Speed Enforcement cannot use their camera because of bad weather they leave a speed sign.


SAVID have applied for a sign as in option 2 which could be loaned to villages.


The Parish Council could offset the price by renting a mobile sign to other villages if they purchase one.


SpeedWatch would undertake responsibility for placing and keeping the sign.  Insurance to be checked, both for people placing the devices and third parties.  Tuddenham Parish Council have recently purchased one and it was suggested we contact Pauline Proctor for information as well as CAS for terms of our existing policy.


Councillor Pedgrift proposed the Parish Council purchase Option 1 and Councillor Hedger seconded once any insurance implications are known.






























8. Planning:  
  DC/18/0349/FUL – Proposed Garden Room and Utility Extension to The Vicarage, Charsfield.  The Parish Council have no objection to this planning application.


DC/18/0886/FUL – Conversion of an existing attached garage to form residential annex accommodation for an elderly relative together with future holiday let use, Ivy Cottage, Ipswich Road, Charsfield.  There Parish Council have no objection to this planning application.


9. Finance

9.1       To authorise payments as listed below:




  Date Detail Ref Power Amount  







Anglian Water

SALC – Training

Westerfield Parish Council

H M Revenues and Customs

P Hembra – Services


Recreation Ground Grass Cutting









LA 2011 ss 1-8

LGRA 1997 S30

LA 2011 ss 1-8

LA 2011 ss 1-8

LA 2011 ss 1-8

SS 298-303









9.2       To note receipt of income as listed below:

VAT Return – £69.20

Donation from District Councillor for project for purchasing                         temporary/moveable traffic speed signs – £1,000


9.3       Insurance – Councillor Pedgrift proposed the Parish Council choose the five year option as this was £100 cheaper per year, Councillor Murray seconded.




10.       Emergency Planning

Councillor Pedgrift attended a workshop for this and presented various information which she has also passed on to Councillor Moor.  If we  register our Emergency Plan with ESDC and they ask us to initiate it we would be insured by them.  We have approached a local farmer who is willing to store sand and sandbags.  Councillor Moor to be asked to re-present this at the next meeting.






Councillor Moor

11. Data Protection

The PC have started the process and will see what SALC come up with in the future.  Steve Moor has helped us with writing our audit.  We also need to produce a Privacy Notice and a Data Protection Policy.   He has also suggested we purchase Office 365 Enterprise which has stronger security than the current Office 365 package we have at the moment.  We need to find a Data Protection Officer to fully comply.


12. Charsfield Flower Show

A sum of £20 to be donated to the Flower Show.


13. Charsfield Recreation Ground

A sum of £20 to be given towards Charsfest.


14. Telephone Kiosk

Clerk to find out if we are able to sell the kiosk.




15. Date of Next Meetings  

Suggested dates for 2018/2019:

22nd May 2018 – to include Annual Parish Meeting

17th July 2018

18th September 2018

20th November 2018

22nd January 2019

19th March 2019


         The meeting closed at 9pm.