CHARSFIELD PARISH COUNCIL                                                                          


Minutes of Meeting Held on Tuesday, 17th July 2018


Present:          Councillors Pedgrift (Chair), Owen Williams, Murray and Pam Hembra (Parish Clerk)


                        11 Members of the Public


1. Apologies and Approval of Absence  
  Councillors Moor, Godwin and Laird  


2. Declarations of Interest  
  Councillor Pedgrift – Recreation Ground and St Peter’s Close  
3. Approval of Minutes of the Meeting held on 22nd May 2018  
  Minutes were approved and signed by Councillor Pedgrift


4. Progress Reports for Information or Matters Arising  
  Parking near the school – local residents appear to be parking on the footpath – Clerk and Chair to look into.  



5. Points from the public – A chance for the public to raise matters of interest relevant to Charsfield.

Land behind The Three Horseshoes.  The Chair opened by saying the development had received Planning Permission and would go ahead and the aim of the parish council was to ensure it progressed without detriment to the rest of the village.  The meeting was attended by Chris Wakefield from Park Properties (the developers).

A temporary construction site entrance between the Three Horseshoes and London Villa was shown on the revised plans.  Chris Wakefield reported that SCC had refused this although no notification is shown in the submitted documentation.  This had been one of the PC’s original concerns and means that St Peter’s Close would be used as the construction site entrance.  This will be raised with the PC’s other objections on the Request for Referral to Planning Committee.

It is envisaged that only 2-4 houses would be built at any one time so it would take a minimum of eighteen months for all the houses to be built, although it was likely to be much longer.

It was asked if the footpath from The Three Horseshoes to the Recreation Ground would be a permissive right of way or a footpath adopted by SCC, either way it would need to be maintained.  The route of this path needed to be clarified with SCDC because it now follows the boundaries of No 2 and No 4 St Peter’s Close.  The original purpose of the footpath was to join the Recreation Ground to the pub.  It was asked if the footpath could be purchased?

Four one bedroom flats and a pair of two bedroom semis would be built as social housing along with 14 detached 2, 3 and 4 bedroom properties.  The balconies now appear to have been removed.  The properties will be built on three levels across the site.

There was concern with reference to section DD re the different heights near to existing properties.  The development will be sited on a steep hill and SCDC are not happy to adopt the roads.

The development will create a great deal of water which will go into three soakaways.  Soakaway A will receive approximately 60-70% of this rain water.  It is good and best practice that soakaways should be 5 metres from the boundary of any property and can be exempt when on a constrained site.  One local resident has written twice to the Council in regard to this which appears to have been ignored.  Is there any evidence of spring lines in this area?  SCC does not appear to have a problem with this.  The PC are concerned about run off where properties are to be built.  The SCC solution is to dig out the ditch.  Bullards talked about flood relief intra site.

SCC could not confirm who will be maintaining the drains.  If the roads are not adopted who will maintain them?  The flood team at SCC need to approve any alterations.  Park Properties may look at piping into other areas.

Will the road in St Peter’s Close be resurfaced after the building?

It is also felt parking could become a problem as there was insufficient parking on the plan and St Peter’s Close is already over used.

Boundary fencing – has not been submitted to the Planning Department although if this is under a certain height no planning permission is needed.

Questions were asked about the rent for the social housing and how the properties would be allocated.  SCDC would probably manage these directly through their Housing Association in conjunction with Parkside Housing Association..

Seat Outside Village Hall

This is on a state of disrepair and Peter Holloway was to be asked if he could repair

Overhanging Tree at Old Rectory

The path is now getting narrower due to build up of foliage falling on to the path.  Clerk to write official letter to the owners of The Old Rectory asking them to cut back the trees and clear the foliage.

The Street narrows near the Chapel and it was asked if we could have an appropriate sign to signify this.













































































6. Reports


6.1 County Council

No report



6.2 District Council

No report




6.3 Recreation Ground

Nothing to report



Village Hall

Nothing to report





  SAVID, SpeedWatch and B1078 Calming Update

The Mobile Speeding Sign has been ordered and we are waiting for it to come from Germany.

SpeedWatch has been running this week with a great many cars exceeding speeds of 37 mph – the fastest of which has been 60 mph.  Martin Lyne has been in constant correspondence with the police.

Clerk to write to the Highways Department again re the national speed limit section on the B1078 between Shrubbery Farm and Valley Farm.










8. Planning:  
  DC/17/4587/ARM – Land behind the Three Horseshoes – this was discussed under Item 5.

DC/18/2020/FUL – Patterton, The Street, Charsfield – The Parish Council has no objection to this application.

9. Finance

9.1       To authorise payments as listed below:



  Date Detail Ref Power Amount  






SALC Clerks Networking Day

SALC Subscription

Anglia Water

Standard Signs & Traffic Sys

H M Revenue & Customs

P Hembra – services & expense

Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer


Bank Transfer

LA 2011 ss 1-8

LA 2011 ss 1-8


RTRA 1984 s72

LA 2011 ss 1-8

LA 2011 ss 1-8







            9.2       To note receipt of income as listed below:

9.3       To elect the Responsible Financial Officer – The Clerk was nominated by Councillor Pedgrift and seconded by Councillor Murray.



10.       Internal Audit Report

The Council reviewed the Internal Audit Report

11. Internal Control Document

The Council reviewed the control documents and considered they are adequate.   A non signatory Councillor is required to complete the check list at least once a year.

12. Draft Recommendations for Ward Boundaries in East Suffolk

This was circulated earlier – refer to page 24 for the Charsfield section.  The Ward will become a larger area and but will be all small villages this time.  Comments can be placed on the websites at:

13. Village Hall Trustees

A letter has been received from the Chair of the Village Hall Management Committee asking the Parish Council to be custodial trustees with the Village Hall remaining Managing Trustees.  The Parish Council were all in agreement to the points in the letter received from Richard Ford, the Chair of the Village Hall dated 23rd June 2018.  PC to write back accepting the points in the letter.  Clerk to check Insurance on Village Hall and PC.







14. Review of Risk Assessment Policy

This was reviewed and accepted with various changes and additions.

15. Emergency Planning

Clerk to email some contact details to Councillor Murray.  Coming together.

16. Data Protection

This is coming together but there is still some work to do.  SCDC now keep the Electoral Register on a platform on their website which the Clerk has access to.  These alleviates the need to store this information.



17. Telephone Kiosk

Chris Warman has still to speak to Mr Spall

18. Date of Next Meetings  
  18th September 2018

20th November 2018

22nd January 2019

19th March 2019


         The meeting closed at 9:30 pm.