Suffolk Coastal consultation on PSPO

 News Release   Communications Team: (01394) 444361 or (01502) 523637                  Suffolk Coastal … where quality of life counts   ******* Embargoed until 00.01hrs on Monday, 12 November, 2018******   Consultation on New Dog Controls Suffolk Coastal is asking local people if they want us to implement a series of new dog control orders. In recent

Parish Council: Finances, Policies and Procedures

Charsfield Standing Orders 2018 modified July 2020 Financial Regulations July 2019 2020 Code of Conduct Data Protection Statement GDPR Policy Internal Control Report 2022 Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2021-2022 Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2020-2021 Charsfield Parish Council Accounts Reconciliation at 31st March 2021 Charsfield Parish Council Accounts Year End 31st March 2021 Budget

z$ Parish Council: Meetings

Sign up for mailings from the Parish Council here Future meetings planned for:                 17th May 2022 19th July 2022 20th September 2022 22nd November 2022 Agendas and minutes will be published here as they become available.  All meetings at held in the Village Hall commencing at 7:30 pm. Annual

Parish Council: Councillors

Parish Councils are the smallest unit of local government and the closest to their electors. Councillors are elected and work to support and improve the area they represent. Charsfield Parish Council has 7 councillors. Councillors are elected for a period of four years and the next election will take place in 2023. Who are my

Charsfield Parish Council Meeting 25 September 2018 Minutes

                                             CHARSFIELD PARISH COUNCIL                     Minutes of Meeting Held on Tuesday, 25th September 2018   Present:          Councillors Moor (Vice Chair), Murray, Godwin, Laird and Pam Hembra (Parish Clerk)                           Tony Fryatt and no Members of the Public             Action 1. Apologies and Approval of Absence     Councillors Pedgrift,