Edward Bolton – who owns the freehold of the Three Horseshoes – is proposing works at the Three Horseshoes ahead of re-opening it as a pub. They involve building some housing on site, partly to fund improvement works on the pub. His initial plans were presented by his agent, David Houchell, at a Parish Council meeting in November. In the light of public feedback following that meeting, David presented amended proposals at a FROTH social event on 7 December. Following that discussion he amended the plans again. David Houchel came along on Saturday to explain and discuss the latest version of the plans.

The version he presented is apparently now the basis for Edward’s informal discussions with the Council’s Planning Department ahead of submitting a planning application. Copies of these latest plans are available here:


In this latest plan, Edward has gone from proposing two houses on site to proposing four houses. He has also extended the site boundary slightly to the North to accommodate on-site parking. He has added a small conservatory to the West of the pub building, but removed the garden areas entirely from the previous plan.

The next step is for Edward to make a formal planning application, presumably based on those plans, but also taking in points made at the meeting on Saturday. If and when he does so, then we will hold another open meeting (as no doubt will the Parish Council). So there should be plenty of time and opportunity to get the further detail, and to comment, including to the Council’s Planning Department in relation to that formal planning application.