PC meeting 20/11/23

Following the devasting flood in Charsfield on the 20th of October 2023 we are in the process of setting up a Flood Action Group affiliated to the National Flood Forum. The intention of CFAG will be to gather information from all those affected by Storm Babet (and the flooding in May) and ensure that a thorough analysis is carried out to identify the causes, impact, and actions required to mitigate the risk of a repeat event.

We will work as a consultation channel into the agencies (including Environment Agency, Local Authority, Highways etc) and landowners to ensure we are kept in the loop about any changes affecting the water course, and lobby for funding and action. We will ensure that significant ‘Malfunctioning Assets’ are continuously highlighted to the agencies and the wider community.

We will also seek funding for local actions of self-help including flood watching and alerting and flood prevention measures. We will support the ‘Emergency Plan’ to be updated, rehearsed, and operated.

We are looking for about 8 – 10 people to join the group. If you were affected by the flood and would like to help please email:


It is recommended that we keep the group relatively small and nonpolitical. Besides the group there will be other roles and ways to assist in the future.

We would also like to hear from affected households in the village so that we can find out about your situation. In the first instance please can you send your name and house name to the email address above or drop a note through Potsford House letter box (with phone number). You will then be contacted back for further details.

I sincerely hope that we can get the group up and running quickly and make a difference before any future event.

Thank you for your help.

Steve Moor – Potsford House – Group Start Up Coordinator