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National Flood Forum

Please see the following information from the National Flood Forum. (Click the links or scroll the page.) The Charsfield Flood Action Group is currently being set up and will be affiliated to the National Flood Forum.

Flood Support for Local Residents

Please see the attached letter from Dr Dan Poulter.  Dr Poulter MAY be calling in at the Village Hall Bar on 3rd November. Jan PS Please note: Because it’s a copied pdf file none of the links in Dan Poulter’s letter will work so I have reprinted them below.  If you can’t “Control & click”

October 2023 Floods: From East Suffolk Council

Storm Babet: Help from East Suffolk Council. A message from one of our Ward District Councillors ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you are aware of any residents local to you – wherever this may be – who may require help of any nature, please ask them to ring our call centre telephone number 0333 016 2000. We