Charsfield History Quiz 2022

December 2022 – Brief answers to the recent questions on Charsfield Past.                                                                         Contact: Q1 –     In 1325 Sir William Bole made a grant of the manor of Bedfield for life to Sir Robert Weylond of Charsfield. Sir Robert …… was to make an annual payment to Sir William Bole at the feast of

Charsfield History Quiz 2021

Brief answers to the questions on Charsfield Past. Q1-      The text comes from the Domesday Book, written in Latin, much of it highly and inconsistently abbreviated? However, the first line is reasonably decipherable. Removing “In” from the start of the first word gives our village name = caresfelda. Robert de Glanville is the local lord;

Charsfield History Quiz 2020

Some answers to the questions on Charsfield Past on which you may have pondered. More detail on Charsfield’s website in the coming months. Contact email: Q1 –      During the 1500s & 1600s what was the main crop grown in Charsfield? Barley. Also, some wheat, rye, oats, peas, vetches, hops and occasionally hemp. Considerable pasture