Parish Council Annual Meeting 22 May 2018

Annual Meeting of the Parish

In Charsfield Village Hall at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, 22nd May 2018

Members of the public and press are welcome to attend

 In order the Parish Council can be sure it is addressing the challenges of life in Charsfield and accurately representing the interests of the whole community we would like to encourage residents to come along, take part and find out more.


  1. Update on the Parish Council’s achievements and activity over the year and on what is being proposed for 2018.
  2. To approve the Annual Parish minutes of 30th May 2017.
  3. To receive reports from other organisations
  4. Open Forum for public to raise questions

Please contact the Clerk if you have something you think would be of interest and service to the residents of the village and to secure a display area in the hall for the event.

Clerk to the Parish Council

Pam Hembra Tel:  01473 737655


Parish Council Meeting 22 May 2018

Charsfield Village Parish Council Meeting

to be held at Charsfield Village Hall

at 7:30 pm on 22nd May 2018

            Public Participation

 At Item 10 of the Agenda the public will be invited to give their views or question the Parish Council on issues on this agenda or raise issues for consideration at future meetings at the discretion of the Chair.  This item will generally be limited to 15 minutes duration and will be followed by any County/District Councillors’ or Police Reports.


  1. To elect a Chair of the Parish Council

To receive the Chair’s declaration of acceptance of office

  1. To elect a Vice-Chair of the Parish Council

To receive Vice Chair’s declaration of acceptance of office

  1. To fill any vacancies left unfilled at the election by reason of insufficient nominations/Co-option

To receive co-opted councillors’ declaration of acceptance of office

  1. Clerk to receive Councillors’ declaration of acceptance of office

Code of conduct/standing orders

 To decide when any declarations of acceptance of office which have not been received as provided by law shall be received

 Apologies and approval of absence

  1. Declarations of Interest
  1. To approve as accurate minutes of the last meeting of the council dated 3rd April 2018
  1. Progress reports for information or matters arising from minutes
  1. Points from the public. A chance for the public to raise matters of interest relevant to Charsfield Village – Hedges
  1. Reports

11.1     County Councillor

11.2     District Councillor

11.3     Recreation Ground

11.4     Village Hall

  1. Speeding



            DC/18/1720/FUL – Proposed Porch and Installation of new First Floor Window, High View, Charsfield.


  1. 1 To authorise payments as listed below:
Date Detail Reference Power Amount


Recreation Ground – Charsfest

Charsfield Flower Show



SS 298-303

SS 298-303



14.2     To note receipt of income as listed below:

SCDC 1st Precept Instalment 2018-2019 – £2,375

14.3     On line payments

14.4     End of Year Accounts – download spreadsheet here

  1. Emergency Planning
  1. Data Protection
  1. Village Hall Trustees
  1. Charsfield CEVCP School, Stakeholders Consultation
  1. Telephone Kiosk
  1. Date of Next Meetings: 22nd May 2018 – to include Annual Parish Meeting

17th July 2018

18th September 2018

20th November 2018

2nd January 2019

19th March 2019

Signed:            P J Hembra

Clerk to Charsfield Village Parish Council

14th May 2018


Flower Show 2018



for full details click here



Charsfield 2018 Scarecrow Competition


Charsfest 2017 – click on the images to open them up (97 pictures)

2017 CharsFest - 1


local police

Pcso 3094 Sallyanna Chatten-Berry and Pc 1469 Debbie Howgego are the new neighbourhood police officers for the Parish of Charsfield, this is due to the boundary changes, Charsfield now comes under the Woodbridge and District SNT.